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Zip Wells of Inez, KY
Small Cell Lung Cancer

Zip is a retired construction worker who was diagnosed with...Read Story

Mary Preston of Inez, KY
Lung Cancer

Highlands Cancer Center has helped with the support...Read Story

Henry McKenzie of Prestonsburg, KY
Colon Cancer

Henry was losing weight without any explanation for about a year...Read Story

Roger Owens of Oil Springs, KY
Tongue Cancer

"My name is Roger Owens and I am Cancer Free!!!...Read Story

Welcome to Highlands Cancer Center or HCC

There are thousands of cancer survivors who were treated at Highlands Cancer Center, (HCC).

Today, nearly two out of three cancers can be cured. But to do that, you have to give it your best the very first time. When it comes to curing cancer, there are just not many second chances. That is why at HCC “good is not good enough.”

We strive for excellence – Excellence in technology, excellence in our people and experience to match it. Why? Because we realize that the machines are only as good as the people behind them.

All of our doctors are Board Certified and trained at the world's top institutions like Memorial Sloan-Kettering Center. We offer the latest in cancer fighting technology, the BrainLab ExacTrac to the tri-state area. To top it off, Dr. Jain has won the Patient Choice Award five years in a row. No oncologist in the area matches that!!

When second best just won’t do, Highlands Cancer Center – Simply… the Best.

Comprehensive Cancer Care

Cancer Professionals

HCC is committed to providing comprehensive and quality care by combining the newest technologies, a highly trained staff and world-class physicians.


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Latest Technology

We have the newest technology available in radiation therapy. ExacTrac IGRT enables physicians to pinpoint tumors with greater accuracy for more precise treatment and better patient outcomes.


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Clinical Research

"Research cures cancer"
Many patients are living longer because of the research and progress made throughout the trials. In fact many of today’s treatments are based off of those studies.


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Patients’ Choice

The only oncology team in the tri-state area to receive the prestigious “Patients’ Choice Award” from 2008 to 2012. Only 5% of doctors were given this honor by their patients in 2012.


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