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Zip Wells of Inez, KY
Small Cell Lung Cancer

Zip is a retired construction worker who was diagnosed with...Read Story

Mary Preston of Inez, KY
Lung Cancer

Highlands Cancer Center has helped with the support...Read Story

Henry McKenzie of Prestonsburg, KY
Colon Cancer

Henry was losing weight without any explanation for about a year...Read Story

Roger Owens of Oil Springs, KY
Tongue Cancer

"My name is Roger Owens and I am Cancer Free!!!...Read Story

Marietta Music of Paintsville, KY
Breast Cancer

"My story is about knowing your own body… Read Story

Marcus Russell of Salyersville, KY

“In February of 2010 I was diagnosed with...Read Story

Cancer Explained

Cancer is the growth of abnormal cells in a part of the body that begin to grow out of control. There are many different types of cancers but this is how they all begin. Healthy normal body cells grow, divide, and die. The early years of a person’s life the normal cells will divide rapidly until the person reaches adulthood. During adulthood cells in most parts of the body will divide in order to only replace worn-out, dying, or to repair injuries. Cancer cells are different from normal healthy cells because they continue to grow and divide. Cancer cells do not die; they outlive the normal cells and will continue to form new abnormal cells.